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National Insurance Trust Fund was established in 2006, as a statutory body to offer Agrahara Insurance for public sector.   We offer unique benefit schemes and provide protection for all segment in general insurance industry.   NITF ushered a new era to insurance industry by serving all government servants providing "Agrahara" medical insurance scheme.   We have been providing insurance cover to all Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion & Terrorism through our SRCC& T Fund.  We are proud to announce that we are the only company offers reinsurance in the country.   There is a government ruling and gazette notification that all primary insurance has to cedes 30% of their total liability with our reinsurance division which is a compulsory cession.  NITF takes pride in having some of the best turnaround times in service to claim generation/submission and handle exceptions fast and according to our business rules.

We have adopted new technology that is designed to make people and organization more knowledgeable, efficient, and profitable.  We have introduced an electronic card to facilitate efficient settlement of hospital bills shortly.   At present NITF has expanded its branch network in Anuradhapura and Hambanthota.

Our Vision


Our Mission

To participate in the social and the economic development of Sri Lanka through:

  • Affordable, Effective, Efficient and progressive Insurance Schemes for all needy segments in the Society.
  • Providing solutions to local market to cover high risks arising from changing needs through pooling and other arrangements.
  • Catering Reinsurance market in Sri Lanka to provide additional capacity to the local Insurance Market.
  • Company Profile

    National Insurance Trust Fund was established by the act No. 28 0f 2006 under the Ministry of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs to uplift the living standards of Sri Lankan citizens. This was established as an institution to implement the schemes introduce by the government from time to time to safeguard the Public and Local Government service officials from the problems they face such as Health, Private, Accident, Death and unexpected property disaster.

    At present NITF has introduced several insurance schemes Agrahara, Motor, SRCC & terrorism, Migrant Workers and Reinsurance. NITF has extended its services to the general public with regard to the provision of all classes of general insurance requirements from 1st September 2009.
    You can visit the Ministry of Policy Planning and Economic Affairs website by:  www.mnper.gov.lk

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