National Natural Disaster

During last few years Sri Lanka had faced Natural disasters as a result loss of human life and damages to property has been significant. Such to overcome such issues to protect entire country against natural disasters, Natural Disaster Insurance Scheme was implemented through NITF, since 01/04/2016.


Covers lives and properties, specifically all households and small business establishments (any business of which annual turnover does not exceed LKR 10 M) covered up to 2.5 million rupees each in respect of damages(per event) caused to their property and contents due to Cyclones, Storm, Tempest, Flood, Land slide, Hurricane, Earthquake, Tsunami and any other similar natural perils, excluding Drought.

All Fishermen registered under Department of Fisheries will be covered to the value of Rs.1 Million each.


  • Death compensation other than fisherman death - Rs.100,000.00
  • Property damage (House and SME) - Max Rs.2.5 Mn
  • Fisherman death - Rs.1,000,000.00 (1 Mn)
  • Claim Procedure (For Fisherman)

    1. An application of the registered fisherman should be obtained including the details of the close relatives and nominees of the said registered each individual fisherman.

    2. Certified copies of the NIC of the fisherman, birth cetificate and the nominees should be submitted at the time of registration.

    3. All fisherman should be given a registration number which should be unique and suggest that this could be coupled to the NIC.

    4. Confirmation of list of fisherman registered with the fisheries department.

    5. In the event of a claim, the claimant should submit the claim form establishing the relationship and the nominee will be paid the claim.

    6. In the even a nominee has not been indicated the rule will be:
      • If wife only is living she gets the claim in full.
      • If wife and children are living the wife gets 50% and the balance will be distributed equally amongest the children.
      • If the diseased is unmarried, is parents will get the claim or the nominee will receive the claim(GS should certify that the diseased is unmarried and the parents should prove with certified copies of their marrage certificate and the birth certificate of the diseased fisherman)
      • If nominees are clearly indicated by the diseased fisherman the nominee gets the claim payment.
      • If wife only claiming the GS should confirm that the diseased did not have children

    7. The documents required for claim settlement
      • Death certificate, PMR, Corners report and copy of the NIC of the dead fisherman.
      • Confirmation by the fisheries department the fisherman died whilst engaged in the profession.
      • Birth certificates of the children (certified copied by the Grama Sewaka)
      • Certified copy of the marriage certificate.
      • Duly completed claim form by the claimant.
      • Any other document required by NITF as an when circumstances arise.
      • Certified Birth certificate and the NIC of the wife of the diseased should be submitted.

    8. Fisheries department should make sure that the relevant premium has been paid on the claim before the processing of the same.

    9. All claim payments will be made in consultation with the fisheries department or any authorized entity by the fisheries department.

    10. In case of missing fisherman, after six months waiting period the payment will be made as above in No 6.

    11. All correspondences should be submitted through the fisheries department and the department should authorize to proceed the claim. Unless otherwise NITF will not entertain any claims forwarded direct to the NITF.

    12. The fisheries department and NITF will enter into an MOU in this regard and the whole process of the operation prior to the commencement of the project.

    Claim Procedure (Other than Fisherman Death)

    1. First update relevant Grama Sewaka and recommended from Divisional Secretary and submit claim application to Ministry of Disaster Management. (All death & proved documents)
    2. Fisherman can collect application form and submit claim form through the Department of Fisheries & Aquaric resource
    3. Download aplication form from Ministry of Disaster Management website's downloads page or NITF website.
    4. For more details contact NITF National Natural Disaster division. - Telephone: 0114873901 , Ext:590/591, Fax:0112338998

    How NITF carry its operations for the flood victims

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    Download the Fisherman Registration Application Form   HERE
    Claim application form for reimburse damage or loss to a house due to a natural disasters.  HERE

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