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Home quarantined agrahara members can claim.

Dear Agrahara Member,
The approval had granted for pay the benefits under the insurance scheme they have obtained for maximum 10 days only for Agrahara member who are receiving home treatment for COVID 19 under the medical supervision. Accordingly, Agrahara members who are wish to submit their claims are requested to submit following documents certified by the Head of their Institution along with the duly filled application.

  • 1. Duly filled Agrahara Application
  • 2. Certified copy of the diagnosis card issued by the relevant Office of the Medical Officer of Health regarding the treatment at Home. (The date of treatment started and date of treatment ended should be stated clearly)
  • 3. Certified copy of the PCR test report or the antigen test report
  • 4. Salary slips for three months prior to the month of receiving treatment



Please note to obtain the payment of this death claim or any claim payment,you shall NOT reqiure to pay any amount as tax, stamp duty or as document charges to national insurance trust fund or to any other institute or person and will be as a Bribe.